Judging for each class will be conducted by a panel of judges. Trophies and prizes are awarded for each category. 

- Enter as many categories as you qualify for, but only one category can be won.  Judges will score each entry in several categories. 

We are excited to add a Jeep show to our poker crawl this year!  There will be some great prizes for winners in both areas.  

The poker crawl will be a roadtrip leading to epic stops revealed along the way that will include live music, exciting raffle items, and poker cards to draw at each stop. Cash prizes and fun loot will be awarded to the top three winning hands at the end of the roadtrip. 

We have awesome assorted prizes such as...

gift cards, Omaha Storm Chasers tickets, Jeep loot, Kid Rock Gear, and SO SO much more.

Get your chance to win through raffle tickets, the

jeep show or the poker crawl.